Parmatech Corporation

Parmatech Corporation is an ambassador to the MIM industry, and a leading supplier of custom manufactured metal injection molding components.

Parmatech-Proform, our RI-based MIM facility won "Best Lean Management" in March 2016, receiving an award from Governor Gina Raimondo.  We look forward to giving you a tour of our capabilities!

At its best, Metal Injection Molding (MIM) saves our customers over 50% on high volume components for medical devices, firearms, and industrial applications.  Parmatech's MIM components are near net shape, reducing or eliminating the need for secondary and machining operations. 

Parmatech Corporation strives to offer the best solution package to our customers as defined by exceeding their expectations. Solutions include identifying prototyping needs, rapid prototyping, alloy development, metrology assistance, and identification and managing complex secondary operations.

Parmatech ISO 9001:2008 Certificate